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Our jam-packed first week

Posted on: October 10, 2012

It has been a great first week! We haven’t been able to establish any regular study time because we still have jet lag but that only means we study the whole day, whatever time of day. Allyra likes the program so much that one day’s worth of lessons is simply not enough for her. The songs and mascots allow for learning through play, and the kids enjoy it (Yup, I really meant “kids.” Even 7-month-old Sam is hooked on the “hippity-hoppity” songs from Hopscotch the bunny.) I’ve actually been struggling to keep up with preparing the materials because she finishes about a couple of days worth of lessons in English and Math everyday. I let her because I know she’s having fun and her eagerness to learn is there. By the way, there is quite a bit of preparing to do because the beauty of the curriculum is that there are a lot of hands-on activities for the students. Here are some of the activities we were able to do on Week 1.


2 Responses to "Our jam-packed first week"

Very cute. Thank you for those photos it brought smile on my face.

Thanks for your encouraging comment! Keep smiling! Be blessed!

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